Sunday, July 5, 2015


Full of Wonder  2006

For the last 18 years I've been exploring various themes in my paintings.  Early on I relied on photographs from my trips to Italy but eventually I became drawn to more abstract forms that hold metaphorical curiosity for me.  As my work shifted from actual landscapes to theoretical ones, the shapes of trees, houses and doorways evolved into ambiguous shapes.  I enjoyed the mystery imparted by my conceptual forms.

Gleaning  2009

Recently, I have returned to a shape that has shown up in my work over the last 9 years... the bowl, or vessel.  The shape itself harks back to my early love of being in Gram's kitchen, her yellow ware bowl in front of me as she taught me how to make a cake batter using only a cracked tea cup for a measure.  Her influence extended to other vessels as well.  She collected baskets, and that seed planted itself firmly in my creative development, because in the 80's I made hundreds of my own dyed reed designs.

Recently, I've decided to look more deeply at the bowls in my past work.  Initial pieces investigated the open quality of a mixing bowl, a bowl that one could imagine holding gathered goodness.

More or Less  2007

The following few years my vessels became enclosed, mysterious holders of magic elixirs.

Elixir  2010

Alchemy  2012

In 2014 I returned to cup like forms, invitations to sit down and receive tea and conversation.

Ceremony  2014

Comfort  2014

This year my bowls are back as free and spirited vessels.  Sometimes, the volume of the bowl, comingling energy with the ground of the painting.

Buoyant  2015

Acceptance  2015

I am excited to reinvestigate this metaphorical container, examining what attracts me and playing with it on many colorful adventures. 

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