Saturday, February 18, 2012


One recent morning I couldn't sleep and arose a little after 4:00.  I was startled to observe the moon from my kitchen window.  It was a waning crescent, hovering over the horizon.  As the morning awoke, the moon appeared to rise in the sky and I couldn't help checking on it every few minutes.  A strange thing, though... I noticed a tiny replication of that bright arc reflected in my window.

It's a mystery to me how this could occur because I think of a window as conveying a clear view.  "Reality," in other words.  Yet I'm also conscious of standing in front of a shop window and seeing reflections of myself or what is behind me.  On my December visit to Florence, Italy I was captivated by the artistic Christmas decorations in La Rinascente Department Store windows.  However, when I looked with eyes less focused on the art, I realized I could also see the buildings on the street at my back.  This awareness made the whole experience more memorable.

I often go through each day without truly seeing the whole picture.  I get caught up in tasks that obscure what is going on around me.  It can be a revelation to pause from time to time and actually observe my surroundings more keenly.  Ironically, it is also possible to "see the bigger picture" when I concentrate less on the details.  There can be something to learn from each viewpoint.

I can observe reflections, like the moon in front of me and the Florence street scene behind me, but I can also "reflect on" what I experience.  Then my day, my life, is richer by far.

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