Tuesday, May 10, 2011

reinvented studio

Reinvented studio space
Since last fall when I took time off from painting on canvas and board to create some one-of-a-kind greeting cards, I've been realizing that I really enjoy looking down at my work on a table  This gives me a different perspective than when my paintings in progress are hanging on the homesote wall I use as a prop for keeping the work upright.  The recent art workshop I attended reinforced the insight that I like working on my smaller paintings on top of a table.

My studio was already cluttered with assorted stands and shelves to accommodate my palette, supplies and oil paintings as they dry, so I didn't have much hope for adding a table.  I had a counter high stand near the window, though, and I figured I could work on that, especially if I kept the small works on moveable sketching boards that could be shifted from stand to nearby chairs or floor space.  I was happy with this change when my husband Danny reminded me that months ago we had been given a really sturdy workshop table by a friend who was dismantling her pottery studio.  I didn't dare hope it would be possible, when he went to the barn where the table was stored and came back to announce the measurements:  6' x 3'.  I just knew it would never fit, although I still tried to figure out a way.  My last ditch idea was to have it project out into the middle of my studio, decreasing my walk around area, but this was actually the best plan.

I began clearing the floor, and Danny got the power drill, screws and the photo our friend had provided, and in about two hours we had the base upright, awaiting the table top.  I asked if he could find a couple of long boards to use across the bottom supports to create a storage space underneath the table.  He went one better and cut out a piece of used plywood to fit snugly around the uprights.  I now had a large, strong area to store materials on.  I was able to empty three deep shelves in the closet that are now the perfect space on which to dry paintings, out of the way.  With the addition of my new work table I was able to take away the cumbersome drying rack and the sculpture stand I had been using to hold my paint palette.

I now have a more purposeful space that will allow me to have many more paintings in progress at one time.  And the bonus is, in reinventing my studio, I reinvigorated my dedication to working harder than I ever have.

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  1. Looks good, Carol. And i feel grateful to Danny for helping you make this change.