Friday, August 20, 2010

studio visit

This is an overview of my studio supplies.  I keep my paper palette on my sculpture stand, and my tubes, pigment sticks, oil bars, cold wax medium, OMS, pastels and powdered pigment are all right where I can reach them.  I do have other paints and supplies tucked away for other forms of creativity.  I actually took over the dining room table this week so I could experiment with some paper and inks.

I've tried to separate my colors by transparent and opaque, but that is pretty much a lost cause.  If my space were pristine, or even organized, I think I'd have a harder time working.

Even the board behind my workbench surface is covered with quotes, photos, postcards, letters and other ephermera that lend their spirit to my space and my work.

I work on many paintings at the same time.  These are in various stages of completion.  Even when I think I am done with one, I have to wait a day or more before I can confirm that it is finished.  When I walk into my studio and my heart leaps with joy, I know this is the way it needs to stay.

p.s. I can't seem to master the new editor on blogspot.  Bear with me as I figure out how to make it look better.

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  1. Hi, Carol!
    Thanks for the studio tour; it's always fun to see how other artists work.
    We need to get together for lunch sometime. I'll e-mail you.